Approval from the Lake Norman Marine Commission (LNMC) is required prior to installing a No Wake Buoy. The Application fee is $150 and the cost of the buoy, solar powered light, anchor, anchor cable, deployment and the lifetime maintenance of the buoy(s) are the responsibility of the applicant. Initial cost are approximately $2,500. The buoy and buoy components must meet the specifications of the LNMC (see below).




The LNMC has adopted the following Procedure for “No-Wake” Buoy requests.  Applications will only be considered for Commercial or Residential Facilities (Homeowners Assoc.), Local government, Private Facilities with documented wake damage or specific requests from Law Enforcement.  This Procedure will be administered by the LNMC.

  1. Upon receiving and qualifying the request including ensuring that the Applicant is aware of the requirement that the Applicant is responsible for the Purchase and Maintenance of the Buoy(s), then  the Applicant will be given the “No-Wake” Application to complete for review by the LNMC. (Note:  A fee of $150.00 will be required with the Application.)
  2. As part of its review the LNMC will do the following:
    • a.   Review the site.
    • b.   Review with the applicable Law Enforcement Agency.
    • c.   Ensure that the Application is accurate in all respects.
    • d.   At a regularly scheduled LNMC Meeting, hear presentation from the applicant, hear public comments (if any), review and either table the vote on the application in order to gather additional information until the next LNMC meeting or vote to approve or not to approve the application.
  3. Where requests are made for Coves which, because of their location, width and shoreline construction are suitable for consideration for “No-Wake” Buoys, the following should be considered:
    • a.   If these Coves widen out so that in effect, a narrow middle portion is outside of the “No-Wake” limit, but is so narrow that it would not be practical for safe boating at higher speeds.
    • b.   If the Cove is bordered by high volume traffic (boat or car) such as Highways, Dry Storage Facilities or Access Ramps.
    • c.   If the Cove is deemed suitable for “No-Wake Cove” designation based on either (a) or (b) above.



Click here to download a No Wake Buoy application:

LNMC – No Wake Buoy Application Form, 9-12-12



Click here to download the No Wake Buoy specifications;

LNMC – No Wake Buoy Specifications, 11-12-12