Hydrilla on Lake Norman, news article & information

NC State is currently completing a  survey of Lake Norman to determine the full extent of hydrilla infestation.  Following the survey, the amount of hydrilla infestation will determine the number of grass carp that will be stocked next spring, in late April or early May.  Hydrilla is currently at the end of the growing season and as the lake water temperature decreases below 70 degF, the plant will likely sink to the lake bottom in most areas.  We do not recommend that homeowners attempt to remove the hydrilla since any part of the plant that remains loose can be transported to a new area and create a new infestation.

Additional information on plans and  what you can do (click link below): LNMC – Hydrilla management at Lake Norman

ews article about hydrilla on Lake Norman, February 14, 2018 (click link below):



Pamphlet about hydrilla (click on page to enlarge):