Aquatic Plant Management – Hydrilla

LNMC – Hydrilla management at Lake Norman

Aquatic Plant Management Committee

This Committee, with the help and cooperation of Duke Energy and a Consultant from the Corps of Engineers, developed a Management Plan in 2003 for controlling the exotic weed Hydrilla.  In that year approximately 400 acres of Hydrilla was found in the four (4) counties surrounding Lake Norman.  While many lakes use Herbicides to try and control Hydrilla, the Hydrilla Committee’s Hydrilla Plan called for the use of Sterile Grass Carp which up to that time had not been used for a relatively small acreage of Hydrilla based on Lake Norman’s 32,500 acres. Hydrilla has been added since 2004 with an initial stocking of 6,000 and with 3,000 the following year in accordance with the Management Plan and subsequent quantities each year since except for 2012, when for various reasons, so many large quantities were ordered from throughout the country that it was not possible to obtain any. Re-stocking of grass carp resumed in 2013 with 300 released in May, and continues with grass carp re-stocking on an annual basis.