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Lake Norman Marine Commission Announces Future Sterile Grass Carp Stocking Plans

Lake Norman, NC (December, 2018) – The Lake Norman Marine Commission (LNMC) is announcing the plans for future stocking of sterile grass carp to control the growth of hydrilla on Lake Norman.

Hydrilla is an aggressive invasive non-native aquatic weed that left unchecked can negatively impact a lake or reservoir in just a few years.  Dense stands of the plant can lower dissolved oxygen in the water, interfere with power generation and boating and swimming, cause extensive sedimentation, and lower surrounding property values.  Approximately 8,000 acres of hydrilla habitat is available on Lake Norman based on the 20 ft. contour of the lake.  A recent comprehensive survey performed by NC State found active hydrilla growth in 640 acres on Lake Norman, primarily in the Ramsey Creek area.

A recent meeting with the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NC Aquatic Weed Program), NC Wildlife Resource Commission, Duke Energy, Charlotte Water and Lake Norman Marine Commission developed a detailed plan for stocking of sterile grass carp next spring in Lake Norman.  Sterile grass carp have been used successfully in Lake Norman and many other NC reservoirs to control hydrilla.  This planned stocking of 12,500 grass carp in mid to late March of 2019 will compliment the previous stocking of 10,200 grass carp in May of 2018.  These stockings will provide adequate concentration of fish to reduce the current outbreak of 640 acres and to also prevent the hydrilla from spreading to other areas of the lake. Each year a survey will be conducted in the fall to determine extent of hydrilla infestation to help determine future stocking plans.  It is anticipated that the current 640 acres of active hydrilla growth will be largely eliminated in the next 2-3 years.

Additional information on plans and  what you can do (click link below): LNMC – Hydrilla management at Lake Norman

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