The “North Carolina General Statute 75A-14.1 Lake Norman No-Wake Law”.

This law states as follows:  “It is unlawful to operate a vessel at greater than no-wake speed within 50 yards of a vessel launching area, bridge, dock, pier, marina, vessel storage structure, or vessel service area on the waters of Lake Norman.”

“No-Wake speed” means idle speed or slow speed creating no appreciable wake.

Approval from the Lake Norman Marine Commission (LNMC) is required prior to installing a No Wake Buoy.

The Application fee is $250 and is non-refundable.  The cost of the buoy, solar powered light, anchor, anchor cable, deployment and the lifetime maintenance of the buoy(s) are the responsibility of the applicant. Initial cost are approximately $2,500. The buoy and buoy components must meet the specifications of the LNMC (see below).


Click here for the LNMC Buoy Policy and Procedures.

Click here to download a No Wake Buoy application and violation report:

LNMC No Wake Buoy Application


Click here to download the No Wake Buoy specifications;

LNMC No Wake Buoy Specs

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