Approval from the Lake Norman Marine Commission (LNMC) is required prior to installing a No Wake Buoy.

PLEASE NOTE:  A new application process is being prpared by the Commission and will be posted here in January 2022.

The Application fee is $          and the cost of the buoy, solar powered light, anchor, anchor cable, deployment and the lifetime maintenance of the buoy(s) are the responsibility of the applicant. Initial cost are approximately $2,500. The buoy and buoy components must meet the specifications of the LNMC (see below).


The “North Carolina General Statute 75A-14.1 Lake Norman No-Wake Law”.

This law states as follows:  “It is unlawful to operate a vessel at greater than no-wake speed within 50 yards of a vessel launching area, bridge, dock, pier, marina, vessel storage structure, or vessel service area on the waters of Lake Norman.”

“No-Wake speed” means idle speed or slow speed creating no appreciable wake.

Upon request for a No-Wake Zone Application, the LNMC appropriate Commissioner (County where requested) will discuss with the Applicant the issues involved to decide on the merit of the request.  If an Application is issued, it should be noted that the Application process will require considerable information from the Applicant.  (Note: The LNMC, as well as the Lake Patrols, believe that in most cases efforts of the Applicant and Law Enforcement can correct the problems without using No-Wake Buoys.)

Once the Application is completed and submitted to the LNMC, the LNMC will issue a notice for a public hearing which will be placed on the LNMC website with the date, time and location of the public hearing.  Upon completion of the public hearing, the LNMC will vote to either approve or deny the application.

It should be noted that the Application process will cover a considerable time period—minimum of 5 months— and must provide sufficient documentation to prove a continuing water safety hazard exists.

Click here to download a No Wake Buoy application and violation report:

LNMC No Wake Buoy Application **  Revised Application Will be posted January 2022 **


Click here to download the No Wake Buoy specifications;

LNMC No Wake Buoy Specs

Click HERE for a list of LNMC Approved Buoys