A team of stakeholders, including the Lake Norman Marine Commission, is working with Duke Energy Lake Services on updates to the Catawba – Wateree Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) which will be published in 2025.    The SMP is a comprehensive guideline for managing all shoreline activities in the boundary of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) project, which includes Lake Norman and all other lakes in the Catawba – Wateree licensed by FERC to Duke Energy.  It governs all construction, shoreline stabilization or modifications, residential boat docks, retaining walls, residential and commercial marinas, etc.

You are invited to review the draft document and provide any input or issues you would like the workgroup to consider. There will be public forums and reviews as the process continues next year.

Shoreline Management Plan Draft

Please send your input to your respective LNMC county Commissioner.