Aquatic Plant Management Committee

The Hydrilla Working Group met on January 17, 2019 to review the upcoming plans for stocking of sterile grass carp in Lake Norman.  Due to the hydrilla infestation that was seen in the Ramsey Creek area in 2017, 10,200 grass carp were stocked in May, 2018.  A comprehensive survey was performed in Oct, 2018 by NC State and it was determined that 640 acres were infested with hydrilla.  Based on this finding and the 2018 stocking, it has been decided to stock 12,500 grass carp in March, 2019.  This stocking will insure that sufficient population of grass carp are present to substantially reduce the hydrilla during the 2019 growing season.  A survey will be performed in fall of 2019 to determine the results of these stockings and future plans will be developed based on the fall 2019 survey.

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